Fresh Shucked Tasmanian Oysters (​12)​Tas Prime
$18.85 each
Cooked Queensland Prawns 9/​12 (​Thawed)
$45.00 per kg
Frozen Tasmanian Scallops
$39.00 per kg
Moreton bay bug (​Cooked) 0.3kg
$7.20 each (approx.) $45.00 per kg
Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Fillets
$37.95 per kg
Fresh Tasmanian Flathead Fillets skin on
$38.85 per kg
Fresh Black Trevally Fillets
$29.25 per kg
Fresh Blue Eye Trevalla Fillets 1kg
$55.25 per kg
Fresh Pink Ling Fillets
$39.00 per kg
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